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Graphic Design*

Where form meets function and emotion meets expression, visual design isn't just an art; it's the language of perception and action.

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When artistry meets intention, there's an opportunity for rich narratives and emotionally-resonant imagery that incite action. Every font, color combination, and spatial element chosen for impact and aesthetic cohesiveness.

From the fast-paced world of tech to the meticulous healthcare industry, my projects increase engagement, conversion, and other KPIs.

In the digital world, every pixel matters. Because in the digital world, design isn't just about art — it's about experience.

A Passion for Design

For the past decade, I've seen visual design evolve into the multidimensional discipline it is today.

Certified by Google for UX Design and backed by other industry certifications including Inbound from HubSpot my skillset blends design intuition with data-driven strategy.

I have an expansive toolkit of industry staples like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, and Figma.

Across projects, my creative leadership drives growth in several competitive markets, including mental health, finance, and tech startups.

I'm not just a designer or art director I'm a storyteller and innovator, eager to craft visual narratives.

Graphic Design //


A brand is the distinct personality that's carefully and purposefully crafted for a business or product.

In graphic design, branding is as much an art as a science, requiring you to craft a distinct identity for a business or product. It transcends mere visuals; it's about manifesting the essence, values, and aspirations of a brand into tangible elements like logos, color schemes, typography, and more. The goal is to create a cohesive and resonant image that not only differentiates in the marketplace but also resonates deeply with the target audience. In essence, branding is the visual and emotional shorthand that bridges a company to its audience.

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Vector Illustration

Within the scope of graphic design, illustration refers to the art of crafting bespoke visuals to narrate, explain, or embellish content.

Illustration infuses character, emotion, and context into a design, often humanizing abstract concepts or conveying complex ideas with ease and flair. Whether whimsical or realistic, minimalist or detailed, illustrations enhance the visual narrative, providing a unique voice that differentiates and resonates, bridging the gap between imagination and reality.

Graphic Design //

Social Media & Promotional

Promotional media is effective when it tells a story or conveys a clear message; by harnessing the art of visual persuasion, you can craft media that promotes belief in the message and incites action.

In the digital age, captivating your audience on social media and promotional platforms is essential. But creating eye-catching banners and other media for ad campaigns requires a distinct skill set. As a designer, I cultivate engagement; whether it's crafting a viral social media campaign or designing promotional materials that leave a lasting impression, I bring creativity and strategy to every project, helping your brand shine in the online landscape.

Never Alone Recovery, March 2023

Never Alone Recovery, March 2023

Never Alone Recovery, July 2022

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Web Design

The idea of web design centers on crafting visually compelling, functional, and unique digital landscapes.

Although it's easy to focus on appearance, web design is a combination of layout, imagery, typography, and interactive elements, all balanced perfectly to enhance experience. Beyond the surface beauty, effective web design ensures seamless navigation, intuitive user journeys, and adaptability across devices. In the digital age, web design is the digital storefront, the first impression, making it a critical touchpoint in connecting brands with their online audience.

University of Connecticut, Jan 2024

Purposes Recovery, July 2023

Virtus Media Group, April 2021

Keys to Freedom Foundation, Feb 2021

Never Alone Recovery, Sep 2020

Graphic Design //


The best presentations weave visuals, data, and a captivating story, proving there's a clear difference between being heard and being remembered.

A presentation is more than just a series of slides in a slideshow or PDF document. The most impactful presentations are those that don't simply convey information but engages, educates, and evokes emotion. From cohesive color schemes and typography to animations and original illustrations, it's about making sure the end product is both visually and intellectually compelling.

Nick Phillips

LG Electronics

"Dane drives the creative process, thinks outside of the box, and contributes impactful solutions and unique strategies.... and has a vision for details while hitting key deadlines and managing multiple projects at once."

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