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Graphic Design*

Where form meets function and emotion meets expression, graphic design isn’t just an art; it’s the language of perception and action.

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At the place where artistry meets intention, there exists an opportunity for weaving intricate narratives with purposeful and emotionally-resonant imagery to create something that incites action. Every font, color combination, and spatial element chosen for both impact and aesthetic cohesiveness.

In this graphic design portfolio, you’ll see a deep understanding of form and function. From the fast-paced world of tech to the meticulous healthcare industry, I’ve led design projects for clients across numerous industries.

Because in my world, every pixel matters. In my world, design isn’t just art—it’s experience.



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Devon Rhodes, Red Ventures

Red Ventures

“Dane is an excellent creator and professional with strong communication skills that make working with him a pleasure. I recommend Dane to any team.”

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