eBook Project


Worked with writing team to assemble and set an eBook targeting users in the substance abuse treatment industry.


About the eBook Project

As both a content creator and graphic designer, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Never Alone Recovery, a client in the mental health and substance abuse industry, to create the eBook titled The Complete Guide to Surviving Your Loved One’s Addiction. Our collaborative process was driven by the shared goal of providing a valuable and impactful resource for individuals facing the challenges of addiction in their loved ones.

The mission was straightforward if a little crazy: Never Alone Recovery needed this eBook assembled in just three weeks working with a team of writers and researchers who provided a basis for the contents of the eBook while I began tentatively wireframing.

Close collaboration with the team at Never Alone Recovery allowed me to highlight their expertise, personal stories, and professional insights, which served to add more authenticity and depth to the final eBook.

Once I received the copy, I immediately got to work bringing the eBook to life, page by page. Working in close partnership with Never Alone Recovery throughout the process, I focused on creating a visually compelling and user-friendly layout. Drawing from my past design experience and education, I applied best practices for typography, relevant imagery, and eBook navigation. The design elements were carefully selected to evoke emotions, enhance readability, and guide readers seamlessly through the chapters.

Visual cues and graphical representations were strategically integrated to facilitate understanding and convey information effectively.

Throughout the project, open lines of communication and regular updates ensured a collaborative workflow with Never Alone Recovery. Their valuable feedback and insights were integrated into the eBook, making it a truly personalized and client-focused resource. Extensive proofreading and editing were conducted to ensure a polished and error-free final product.

The result was an eBook that provided valuable guidance, support, and hope to individuals navigating the challenges of their loved one’s addiction. The combination of thoughtful content creation and captivating design aimed to make a positive difference in the lives of readers. It was an honor to work with Never Alone Recovery to create an impactful resource that offered solace and assistance to those in need.

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