Dane O’Leary Media is the media studio of writer, tech journalist, and content creator, Dane O’Leary.

With nearly a decade of experience as a professional content creator and writer, Dane has written for numerous verticals and been published by numerous popular print and digital publications.


Dane O'Leary

Dane got his start as a writer after completing his graduate study at the University of Mississippi. Having majored in Archaeology, Dane anticipated writing only until he started his career as a scientist. However, his writing career began to flourish, and Dane quickly realized writing is what he was meant to do.

By 2012, Dane had an ongoing engagement with Rehabs.com, writing features on trending topics in the substance abuse treatment industry. Soon thereafter, Dane was hired by Modernize to write articles on home design and decor, often with a technology focus.

With one foot in addiction/mental health and another in home automation, Dane began to cultivate relationships with a number of other clients. By early 2015, Dane started working for Stodzy Media, a digital marketing agency focused on helping mental health and substance abuse treatment centers increase their digital presences and strengthen their marketing campaigns.

Dane continues to collaborate with Stodzy periodically, allowing him to further hone his marketing and SEO skills.

The next milestone in Dane’s writing career was when he was recruited to write for Foundations Recovery Network in the fall of 2015. Foundations Recovery Network manages a number of influential publications in the mental health and substance abuse treatment industries, including Dual-Diagnosis.org and Michael’s House.

After writing about addiction and mental health for a few years, Dane’s ongoing passion for gadgets and technology brought him onto the writing team at Android Authority. Between mid-2016 and early-2018, Dane wrote a number of acclaimed features for Android Authority, covering such topics as biometric authentication, wearable tech, and custom Android launchers.

In early 2018, Dane was recruited for the TrustRadius copywriting team. TrustRadius is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company focused on such business and enterprise tools as customer relationship management systems, project management platforms, and other types of software.

Currently, Dane writes technical, editorial, and blog content for Content Harmony, Lunar, and Content Kite. He continues to make professional connections, explore new opportunities, and look for exciting ways to challenge himself.

To see more of Dane’s body of work, check out his portfolio here. If you’d like to hire his content creation services, or to discuss opportunities with him, feel free to send Dane an email.