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Dane O’Leary

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Dane O'Leary, Designer


Creative Director

Alan + Company


Senior Content Strategist

Never Alone Recovery


I sculpt brands, create aesthetic languages, and translate company objectives into digital experiences. But my job is so much more than making things look nice—I’m a visual storyteller who also knows how to drive engagement.

As a professional, I pride myself on being someone whose artistry frequently extends beyond the boundaries of my digital canvas into more technical areas of branding, and whose commitment to precision and accuracy is likewise infused into the artistic process at every opportunity.

Although I generally focus my attention on the development of creative assets, I’ve also had the opportunity to take part in actual web development projects, contributing wireframes, concept design, and prototype mock-ups, among other functions. Since development projects require a different approach and process than creative projects, I was able to look at our creative process with new eyes and found ways to save time, as well as other resources, in later stages of the pipeline.

I feel strongly that an investment in your team is an investment in your company. For this reason, one of my top priorities in leadership positions is to find opportunities to develop team members’ skills. In short, the idea is to transform today’s raw potential into tomorrow’s expertise.

If you’d like to discuss some of the ways my unique blend of skills and talents could help your business, then I hope to hear from you soon.

Work History




Creative Director

Alan + Company Marketing

Jan 2021 – Present

Manage a diverse team of creatives while ensuring the delivery of high-quality media for omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Orchestrate marketing campaigns for up to seven brands across four client accounts simultaneously.

Oversee every facet of creative production, from concept to completion.

Front-End Developer

Virtus Media Group

Jan 2022 – Present

Assist in the conception and development of user-centric websites, web apps, and software tools with an emphasis on intuitiveness and design usability.

Utilize technology-driven solutions to amplify conversion rates, online visibility, social engagement, customer retention, and revenue generation.

Leverage knowledge of such coding languages as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React, and JavaScript, ensuring an optimal experience for the end user.

Marketing Director

Never Alone Recovery

Nov 2020 – Present

Lead the real-time development and execution of marketing strategies, from branding to targeted content marketing campaigns.

Amplify brand presence across digital channels, boosting organic reach by over 50% YOY for the last three consecutive years.

Champion collaboration among a team of 10+ creatives and marketing professionals, maintaining an environment of shared vision and purpose.

Senior Content Designer

Never Alone Recovery

Feb 2020 – Nov 2020

Spearheaded the design and execution of diverse content types, including branded, promotional, and technical pieces, reflecting the brand’s voice and objectives.

Assisted with building the content development, production, and publication pipeline.

Evaluated content performance metrics, applying those insights to campaign strategies and making iterative improvements to our processes.

Content Writer

Content Harmony

Jan 2019 – Feb 2020

Crafted compelling and insightful articles, shedding light on topics like WordPress, eCommerce, web development, and business software solutions.

Applied the latest SEO techniques and best practices to enhance article visibility, drive organic traffic, and engage target audiences effectively.

Coordinated with graphic designers to integrate relevant visuals, infographics, or interactive media to enhance content appeal.

Technical Writer


Jan 2019 – Jul 2019

Tasked with creating comprehensive technical documentation, user-friendly how-to guides, and insightful tutorials for SaaS.

Strategically optimized content, ensuring resonance with both B2B professionals and B2C users for enhanced user engagement.

Demonstrated hands-on mastery of key business applications, including Uplink, Shuttle, Salesforce, Zoho, and more, ensuring accurate and insightful content delivery.

Web Content Strategist

Stodzy Internet Marketing

APR 2015 – Jun 2019

Developed captivating content for landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and long-form articles, ensuring brand coherence and audience engagement.

Established content governance and style guidelines to ensure consistency, quality, and accuracy across touchpoints.

Perfected time-management techniques and organizational skills, ensuring peak productivity even when managing multiple concurrent projects.



Graphic Design

UX/UI Design

Creative Direction

Project Management


Art + Creative Direction

Content Modeling

Marketing Strategy

Front-End Development

Data Visualization

Performance Marketing


Insight + Assessments

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The Enneagram personality types, Myers-Briggs assessment, and CliftonStrengths test are tools with which to gain a better understanding of my strengths as well as my general outlook and approach to professional projects.

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Bachelor of Arts

Shepherd University


Clinical Psychology


Graphic Design

Master of Science

University of Mississippi




Evolutionary Biology

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