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With distinctive vision and an affinity for data, I sculpt brands and build unique digital experiences.

I am actively adjusting my portfolio and projects archive. If you encounter a couple of missing images or links, I ask for your patience while I iron out a few more things.

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More Than Design

An 'Architect' of Experience

In a competitive market, how do you ensure that your brand doesn't get lost in the crowd?

Bespoke designs that tell a visual story that's driven by data, obvs.

To date, I have done virtually every type of design work; promotional materials, custom forms and documents, pitch decks and presentations, one-of-a-kind typefaces, website designs, app designs, and UI/UX designs to name just a few.

No matter your industry, let me rescue you from aesthetic mediocrity and brand inconsistency.

Dane O'Leary, Super-Designer
Nick Phillips

LG Electronics

"Dane drives the creative process, thinks outside of the box, and contributes impactful solutions and unique strategies.... and has a vision for details while hitting key deadlines and managing multiple projects at once."

Typographical media

Social Media & Promotional Designs

My approach to developing designs for social media campaigns as well as print designs for real-world promotion is centered around the fusion of impactful visuals with meticulous typographical hierarchy to form compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.

I understand the delicate balance necessary to create engaging and effective promotional materials that drive results and leave a lasting impact.

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