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Dane has spent nearly a decade mastering the art of creating impactful, engaging content.

After starting in the mental health and substance abuse industries, Dane branched into real estate, retail, marketing, and technology. Today, he also writes regularly for clients in the financial, business, and enterprise software industries.

As a content creator and writer, Dane’s job is to inject a sense of narrative and storytelling into the content he writes. To date, he’s helped countless companies tell their stories through branded content.

Beyond just writing, Dane has extensive knowledge of digital marketing and SEO. So not only can he help tell your story, but he can assist you in sharing your message with the biggest audience possible.

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Content Writing
Case Studies
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Editorial Writing
Graphic Design
Social Media
Coding & Development



Telling your story starts with content. Each landing page, blog post, article, and ebook is a chance to connect with your audience.

Let me help you make the best first impression.


Search engines love content that’s unique and engaging. My job is to create content that’s optimized for maximum online visibility.

Let me help you reach a wider audience.

Social Media

Your competitors are connecting with their audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Are you doing the same?

Let me help you build a platform.

What People Are Saying

  • Dane and I have worked together on a number of projects and I have only good things to say about him. His research is thorough and he has consistently powered through, even when it took a few more hours than I hired him for.

    Andy Bowen, Red Ventures
    Content Strategist at Red Ventures
  • Dane was an excellent addition to our team, always coming up with insightful pitches and writing sound, intelligent articles. Our company’s success in content was contingent upon contributors like Dane, who worked diligently to produce relevant, value-driven articles. I would highly recommend Dane to anyone looking for writing prowess and research capability!

    Anna McKenzie, CreativeDemand
    Copywriter-in-Chief at CreativeDemand
  • Dane is an excellent writer and content creator. His professional attitude and strong communication skills made working with him a breeze and a pleasure. I would recommend Dane to any content team looking for a motivated and intelligent writer.

    Account Manager at Red Ventures

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