Lifestyle Brand


Create a vibrant graffiti-style logo & icon for an inspirational clothing line, blending edgy street art aesthetics with uplifting, empowering messages.


About the Lifestyle Brand

During the consultation, the client informed me he wanted something youthful and maybe even a little edgy for their new line of clothing featuring inspirational designs. A secondary goal was to design a brand that would look good on t-shirts and various other products.

Striking the right balance between the bold and energetic qualities of graffiti art and the inspirational message behind the brand was difficult, but I felt that I found a solution that reflected the brand’s core identity. Particular attention was paid to versatility, making sure it would look great at any scale and in many contexts.

The result was, if I say so myself, a captivating graffiti-style logo combining the energy the client desired with the brand’s inspirational message. This eye-catching logo not only met the client’s requirements but also set the stage for a successful clothing line that resonates with its target audience.

The client was so happy with the branding package that we continued to collaborate on several original designs for the impending launch in addition to a couple of social media campaigns to follow. One of those designs was the ransom note-inspired “STILL SOBER” design meant to show that even when things aren’t going the way you’ve planned, at least you can say you’re still sober, right?

The SoberThreads marketing team has since informed me that this particular design has been the most popular among the influencers with whom they’re partnering. And not to brag or anything, but my design was even worn by a professional wrestler!

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