Website Design for Tulua Health

Displeased with their "starter site," Tulua Health commissioned me for a clean, modern website design.


The original Tulua Health website was extremely simple, lacking the coordinated branding you hope to see with a business's website. My approach to this website design was to give it a soothing, calming, reassuring vibe. I also aimed to more clearly highlight some of Tulua's unique offerings, including an on-site Executive Chef that clients can't stop raving about.


Youthful without being juvenile

Chic, stylish, but approachable

Balance SEO with user experience

Highlight SoCal elements

Tulua Health sign mockup | Dane O'Leary Media

About Tulua Health

Tulua Health is a mental health and substance abuse treatment provider in Santa Monica, California.

New Logo & Branding

In addition to the website, I worked with the Tulua team to help take their branding to an entirely new level.

It provided a great palette to play in throughout the website design process.

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Toolkit Breakdown

Content MGMT
Photoshop, Illustrator
WordPress, Brizy Builder, ACF
Tulua Health, sitemap design using Miro | Dane O'Leary Media

Behind the Design

Building the Sitemap

Build the new site's sitemap is always among my first steps as it's crucial for gauging timelines, estimating timelines, and planning.

Behind the Design

Intuitive Navigation

One of the unique challenges with the Tulua Health website redesign and rebuild was balance the need for maximum search visibility and the brand image.

Exploring Tulua Health's website navigation using Miro | Dane O'Leary Media

Behind the Design

Mood Board

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