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The design of user experiences is more than an art form; it's the convergence of aesthetics and usability, where function fuels expression.

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Evolving Digital Landscapes

Our increasingly digitized world requires a bridge between user and technology. It's not just about pixels, colors, or animations; it's about crafting experiences that resonate.

In my UI design portfolio, you'll find projects showcasing my ability to conceive of intuitive, engaging, and user-centric digital environments.

As a designer, my job is to help companies engage and delight. From conceptualizing initial wireframes to refining the minutiae of interactive elements, my designs prioritize user flow and utility without sacrificing aesthetics.

The best designs solve problems or pain points, whether it streamlines a call-to-action or addresses poor accessibility. For every project, I perform rigorous research and iterative testing to find novel solutions while maintaining a keen awareness of contemporary design principles.

Whether you're a potential employer scoping out my past work, a fellow designer seeking inspiration, or simply curious, I hope you appreciate my UX and UI design journey.

Mobile Application

Never Alone Recovery

Project Brief

To conceptualize a multifunctional and intuitive digital environment to aid individuals on the journey of wellness and sobriety.

Key Objectives

Establish a Design Language

Map User Journey & App Layout

Aid in Creating a Project Timeline

Establish a Reference Point for Development

Never Alone Recovery app design, shown on an iPhone

Admin Dashboard/Backend

We even built an accompanying browser-based admin dashboard to demonstrate how user accounts would be organized and tracked.

Account Dashboard

PennyBois Stock Alerts

Dashboard design shown on laptop

Stay Tuned

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"Dane drives the creative process, thinks outside of the box, and contributes impactful solutions and unique strategies.... and has a vision for details while hitting key deadlines and managing multiple projects at once."

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