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Digital Muse Creative

Like the heroic subjects of fable and myth, the best art connects us across time and space.


Digital Muse Creative is reconnecting us to our shared historical, literary, and cultural heritage by applying timeless imagery in new and exciting ways. Specializes in branding, websites, product design, UX, ad creative, and much more.


Establish brand identity for a design studio

Historical, literary, or cultural references

Digital Muse Creative | Logo and Branding Design by Dane O'Leary
Venus de Milo

My Inspiration

Mythology as a Stylistic Reference

The intent for the design was to anthropomorphize creative inspiration through historical, artistic, and mythological references.

One of my first visual references for the project was actually the Aphrodite of Melos, also known as Venus de Milo.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess associated with beauty, love, procreation, and passion — concepts very relevant to the process of turning ideas into visual creations.

"She spoke and loosened from her bosom the embroidered girdle of many colors into which all her allurements were fashioned. In it was love and in it desire and in it blandishing persuasion which steals the mind even of the wise."

Homer describes Aphrodite, 'The Iliad'

Behind the final design

Gods & Symbols

Digital Muse Creative brings historical and literary imagery into the 21st century. In bringing the final concept to fruition, I dove deeper into mythology and ancient symbology.


Symbolizes creative inspiration

Greek Goddess Selene | Dane O'Leary Media

Selene, Greek goddess of the moon

Brings dreams, growth, renewal

Symbols: Crescent moon, cloak

Greek symbol for knowledge

Ancient Greek symbol

Common motif in art

Symbolizes strength, power

Early Concepts

Early Concepts

Among the first batch of concepts, the first that catch the client's eye was of a mysterious hooded/cloaked figure. Though intrigued, the client felt this version leaned too hard into "Digital" and not enough into "Muse" and "Creative."

The serif typeface inspired me a search for a slightly more decorative and period-specific font style.

Digital Muse Creative, Concept 2 | Dane O'Leary Media

Final Design

Digital Muse Creative


Digital Muse Creative, Light | Dane O'Leary Media
Digital Muse Creative design collateral | Dane O'Leary Media


Digital Muse Creative | Logo and Branding Design by Dane O'Leary
Digital Muse Creative design collateral | Dane O'Leary Media


A Contemporary Take on Art Nouveau

The exaggerated ligatures associated with Art Nouveau typography brought a lovely sense of movement to the logotype, making it almost ethereal in nature.

Concepts & Mockups

Brand Showcase

Digital Muse Creative Sign | Dane O'Leary Media
Dane O'Leary Media