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Business owners from across the country have deferred to my expertise when establishing content marketing strategies. Or in some cases, they invited me to contribute editorial pieces to well-known publications.

Here’s a small sample of those projects.

Note: Client/business name is sometimes omitted to maintain the privacy of the client.


Never Alone Recovery

Never Alone Recovery

Never Alone Recovery does admirable work connecting communities with mental health and substance abuse treatment resources.


  • “How to Stay Sober for the Holidays” // click here


  • “How to Find a Rehab That Accepts Your Insurance” // click here


  • “eBook: Surviving Your Loved One’s Addiction” // click here

Android Authority

Android Authority icon

As one of the most well-known publications in mobile tech, Android Authority focuses on providing timely news coverage and tech reviews.


  • “Faces, Prints & PINs: What’s the Safest Way to Lock Your Smartphone?” // click here
  • “Which of the ‘Big Four’ Wireless Carriers is Right for You?” // click here
  • “Mobile HDR: What’s All the Fuss About?” // click here
  • “Screen-On Time: What Is It & How Do You Get More of It?” // click here
  • “5 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade Your Smartphone” // click here
  • “Should I Stop Leaving My Phone Plugged In Overnight?” // click here
  • “CyanogenMod, CyanogenOS & Cyanogen, Inc.: What’s the Difference?” // click here


  • “Cyanogen: How Did It Go So Wrong?” // click here
  • “ZTE Will Unlock Axon 7/Pro Bootloader Upon Request” // click here



Zapier is both a productivity-focused company and a web-based software tool for professionals to get their disparate software platforms to cooperate.


  • “Team Chat Showdown: Discord vs. Slack” // click here
  • “Cloud Storage Showdown: OneDrive vs. Google Drive” // click here


Liquid Web

Liquid Web icon

Offering enterprise-level web hosting services, Liquid Web’s informative blog covers WordPress, eCommerce, other business tech.


  • “Growth-Hacking Strategies for eCommerce” // click here
  • “How to Start a Customer Rewards/Loyalty Program” // click here
  • “Discovering Your Niche: How to Choose the Best Dropshopping Products” // click here
  • “What are the Pros & Cons of Dropshipping?” // click here
  • “The Complete Dropshipping Glossary: All the Terms & Concepts to Know” // click here
  • “Understanding & Setting Up Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking & Reporting” // click here
  • “Getting the Most Out of Facebook for WooCommerce” // click here
  • “Which Customer Retention Metrics Measure Customer Loyalty?” // click here

Neil Patel

Neil Patel icon

If you’ve done any marketing research at all, for any reason, then Neil Patel probably doesn’t need an introduction.


  • “How to Boost Your Facebook Traffic While Posting Less” // click here
  • “Is Facebook Organic Reach Really Dead?” // click here

Stodzy Internet Marketing

Stodzy Internet Marketing logo

Focused primarily on the substance abuse treatment industry, Stodzy is focused on using content marketing as a lead generation tool.


  • “Branding: More Than Just a Name for Your Treatment Center” // click here
  • “A Guide to Creating Content for the Recovery Community” // click here
  • “Stodzy & Co. Take a Peek Inside the Addicted Brain” // click here


  • “Tricks to Boost Your WordPress Site’s Traffic” // tagDiv // click here


  • “The Future of eCommerce & Social Media” // AG Communications Group // click here
  • “How to Promote Your Coaching TeleClass Using Email Marketing” // Noomii // click here


  • “Why Freelancers Should Be Thinking About Tax Season All Year Long” // National Debt Relief // click here


  • “Boutique Addiction Treatment: The Difference Between Acceptable & Exceptional” // The Canyon of Malibu // click here
  • “How to Overcome Addiction Without Losing Your Career” // Talbott Campus // click here
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