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Rebranding a Mental Health Provider

In the competitive mental healthcare market, lackluster branding is limiting the reach of that brand's message.


Tulua Health is a mental health treatment provider located in Santa Monica, California. Although Tulua has an incredible staff and full curriculum of outcome-focused treatments, it was all united under a bland brand. My goal was to give the Tulua Health brand a modern yet timeless glow-up.


Create a clean, minimal brand for mental health provider

Represent the brand's story and perspective

Use a serif typeface

Tulua Health final logo, light version | Dane O'Leary Media
Original logo, Tulua Health

Original Logo

Starting Point

The first (and biggest) problem was less about the design itself and more so the lack of pixels — whoever made the logo had apparently used rudimentary software that generated only a 200x200 image. Yikes!

But the design itself also left a lot to be desired: The flower icon feels cobbled together from open-source icons and the Cinzel-adjacent typeface didn't feel very welcoming.

Early Exploration

Abstract De-Constructivism

Taking tulips out of the word "Tulua," my first idea was to create a deconstructed abstract flower from seed-like shapes (an idea retained for the final logo).

The client loved the creative direction but requested that the logo be just slightly less abstract. His concern was the main icon not reading as a tulip unless the viewer is provided with other contextual info.

This concept's use of the Petala typeface was when the client expressed his preference to use a serif font.

Tulua Health logo concept 1 | Dane O'Leary Media

Final Design

Tulua Health


Tulua Health main logo, light version | Dane O'Leary Media
Tulua Health collateral designs, light versions | Dane O'Leary Media


Tulua Health main logo | Dane O'Leary Media
Tulua Health collateral designs | Dane O'Leary Media
Utopia Semibold typeface from Adobe | Dane O'Leary Media



Utopia, a Transitional Serif

As a provider of mental health support, Tulua Health sits at the intersection of timeless, holistic care with the latest science and therapeutic techniques. Considering the client's preference for serifs, the transitional Utopia felt appropriate.

Even though I generally pair sans serif fonts with highly structural or geometric designs, I felt that Utopia brought a semblance of balance, grounding Tulua in its very important mission.

Behind the Concept

Tulua Health's 'Seed for Change'

Tulua Health's 'Seed for Change' | Dane O'Leary Media

The idea for the final design came from the teardrop shape of a seed with the narrative being about cultivating something and helping it to grow.

Tulua Health final logo diagram | Dane O'Leary Media

By repeating and laying the 'Seed for Change,' I was able to create a hybrid floral design that combined elements of a lotus with a tulip.

Tulua Health final logo diagram | Dane O'Leary Media

Brand Showcase

Concepts & Mockups

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