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Halloween-Themed Logo for PennyBois

Taking their holiday spirit to an 11, the PennyBois team wanted Halloween-themed brand collateral for use on limited edition merchandise.


From its origin as a small grassroots trading community to the fully-fledged financial education and mentorship program it is today, the PennyBois leadership wanted to put a fun (and spooky) spin on imagery familiar to the community of subscribers for limited edition merchandise to be sold as well as awarded as prizes and perks for subscribers.


Maintain brand identity

Use on both light/dark BGs

Halloween elements


Meant to be graphic in nature, the PennyBois logo alludes to financial imagery within the form of a monogram-style icon. The design is isolated in a hexagonal shape and paired with the Montserrat font.


"Take Flight"

[From the social media campaign.]

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