Student Resources Landing Page


Design and develop a comprehensive student resources page to ensure that students have access to resources to help them stay sober.


University of Connecticut Student Wellness Resources Page designed by Dane O'Leary

About the Student Resources Landing Page

For this project, I created a demo landing page targeting college students at the University of Connecticut (UCONN). The goal was to provide a valuable resource for students dealing with stress and the temptations of alcohol, drugs, and study drugs. The project was a blend of strategic content planning, user-centric design, and iterative development, reflecting the unique needs of this demographic.

To start, I outlined the essential content for the landing page, focusing on the client’s objectives to educate and promote relevant free resources for college students. We aimed to create a landing page that resonates with students who might feel overwhelmed by academic pressures and social influences.

Creating effective CTAs was a critical step. The CTAs needed to be clear and compelling, guiding students toward helpful resources and support. These included:

  • Referral to a free mental health and substance abuse consultation
  • Referral to a free online support group
  • Referral to campus health resources

During wireframing, I created the foundation of the landing page to ensure a user-friendly layout that students could navigate with ease. Then over the next two weeks, I focused on building and refining the landing page. This process involved not only the technical aspects of web development but also integrating feedback from stakeholders. Adjustments included fine-tuning the copy’s tone to ensure approachability, enhancing visual elements to engage the audience, and optimizing the layout for the best user experience.

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