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Create a new-and-improved version of a contracting company's logo, initiating a strategic rebranding effort yet preserving and even elevating the core identity of the business.


About the Contractor Logo Refresh

SB & Son Contracting, a proud veteran-owned and operated business, commissioned me to refresh its brand identity, carefully maintaining the essence of its original logo. The original design featured a robotic and almost retro-inspired font that, when paired with extremely low-resolution imagery, clearly lacked both typographical strategy and visual clarity. My objective was clear: Rejuvenate the logo while underscoring the company’s veteran roots and operational ethos.

The refreshed version of the logo was envisioned as a tribute to the owner’s service background. At the heart is a crisp, more defined silhouette of a soldier, thoughtfully positioned in front of a stylized American flag. This imagery not only strengthens the brand’s identity as veteran-owned but also references the client’s strong sense of patriotism.

To complement the updated imagery, Noto Serif, a traditional typeface, was carefully chosen for its timelessness and authority. And to infuse the typeface with the founder’s background, I customized the typeface with “pilot wings” reminiscent of those awarded to aviators. This detail was subtly integrated into the lettering for added depth and to reinforce the personal narrative.

This logo refresh project for SB & Son Contracting opened the door to a strategic rebranding effort while preserving and even elevating the core identity of the business. The new logo stands as a testament to the company’s heritage, its commitment to quality, and the honor it brings from its military background into its services. Since this redesign, SB & Son Contracting has a logo that better reflects its values, history, and dedication to excellence in the contracting industry.

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