Mental Health Rebrand


Create a new monogram icon and accompanying logo to meet the client's very specific needs. Prioritize a clean and professional design for a more flexible brand kit.


About the Mental Health Rebrand

Leading into this project, the client’s dissatisfaction with the previous logo that he had been using had reached a breaking point: Using words like “disjointed,” “messy,” and “thrown together in like 3 minutes” to describe the original logo, the client needed a fresh, modern rebrand. It became an exciting challenge to create a design that would resonate in the mental health and substance abuse treatment industries.

Beyond needing a design that better fits the brand, the client expressed a desire for a flexible design that could easily adapt to a variety of use cases, possibly in the form of a monogram logo or icon, citing the recognizable and memorable “AA” shorthand of Alcoholics Anonymous, as an example. This insight informed the design direction and allowed me to focus on creating a logo that embodied the client’s values and goals while achieving the desired level of flexibility.

The client and I went over all of the design options I had created to nail down the clean, stencil-style monogram logo. After some iterating, we landed on the final design to represent the brand moving forward. This new logo not only transformed their visual identity but also created a stronger foundation on which to build and grow, instilling confidence in their audience and reinforcing their commitment to providing life-saving services.

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