Business Card


Design business cards for the client to share at conventions and other live events for those in the substance abuse treatment industry.


Never Alone Recovery business card designed by Dane O'Leary

About the Business Card

Designing business cards is a crucial step in establishing a strong brand identity and making a memorable first impression. For this business card project, the client, Never Alone Recovery, needed a business card to, among other things, share with other professionals in the mental health industry.

I gained a better understanding of the client’s business model, target audience, and values. This was a great chance for my client to explain how important it was for the business card to communicate empathy and expertise. We identified color schemes, typography, design elements, and other visual motifs that convey these characteristics.

From a series of design concepts, we selected the design that offered the truest reflection of Never Alone Recovery’s vision and brand identity. Then over about a week, we continued to iterate and refine to ensure an appropriate informational hierarchy. The final design represented the culmination of the partnership and incorporated the client’s logo and contact information, displayed in a very deliberate hierarchy. Attention to detail, including the choice of paper stock and finish, played a significant role in my ability to create a card that leaves a lasting impression.

Throughout the entire design process, open communication and close collaboration with the client were the keys to success. By understanding their unique needs and expectations, I was able to create a business card that not only met but exceeded their expectations. The result was a stunning, memorable, and effective business card that embodied the client’s brand values and showcased their expertise in the mental health industry.

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