Design a compelling brochure for Never Alone Recovery, showcasing services & values, with a QR code for easy access to their website.


Never Alone Recovery standing banner

About the Brochure

Designing a brochure for Never Alone Recovery, an organization that provides free drug rehab placement services, was an opportunity to create an informative and engaging piece of marketing collateral that would effectively communicate the organization’s mission and services.

During the initial consultation, the client expressed their desire to include a QR code on the brochure. This innovative feature would allow potential clients and their families to quickly access the Never Alone Recovery website and learn more about the organization’s services. By incorporating a QR code, we aimed to simplify the process of obtaining crucial information, making it easier for individuals in need to access support and resources.

With the client’s goals and requirements in mind, I began by developing a layout and design concept that would effectively showcase the organization’s services and values. The color palette and typography were carefully chosen to convey a sense of warmth and reassurance while maintaining a professional and trustworthy appearance. The use of imagery, including photos and testimonials from individuals who have benefited from the organization’s services, further enhanced the brochure’s emotional appeal and credibility.

Throughout the design process, I maintained open communication with the client, incorporating their feedback and ensuring that the final brochure accurately reflected their vision and needs. The result was a visually striking, informative, and user-friendly brochure that not only showcased Never Alone Recovery’s mission and services but also provided a convenient way for potential clients to connect with the organization through the inclusion of the QR code.

Dane O'Leary Media