Standing Banner


Create an attention-grabbing and informative banner for Never Alone Recovery to display at industry conventions and live events, informing observers of the company's mission and services.


Never Alone Recovery standing banner

About the Standing Banner

During the workshopping phase of this design, I collaborated with Never Alone Recovery to set objectives for the banner’s layout and to establish the client’s communication goals for the design. Part of this involved gaining a better understanding of the client’s mission, target audience, and key messaging priorities.

Information hierarchy played a crucial role in ensuring that the most important details were prominently featured and easily digestible. My goal was to strategically organize the content, placing key messaging elements, contact information, and website details in prominent positions to facilitate quick and memorable access for viewers. The hierarchy was carefully crafted to maintain a balance between providing necessary information and avoiding overwhelming the audience with excessive details.

Throughout this process, I iteratively refined the design with frequent input from the Never Alone Recovery to ensure that the banner aligned with the brand’s identity and objectives. Their valuable insights and feedback were invaluable in shaping the final design, creating a visually appealing and informative banner that effectively conveyed the organization’s mission while maintaining a professional and cohesive presence.

The standing banner I designed for Never Alone Recovery was made to capture attention, generate curiosity, and engage.

Dane O'Leary Media