Dane O'Leary

Writer, Tech Journalist & Content Developer

Who is this Dane person, anyways?

Dane O’Leary has been a professional writer since 2013. Over more than five years, he’s cultivated a reputation for creating stunning content that’s informative, entertaining, and memorable.

And he has quite a “thing” for the Oxford comma.

If you’re interested to know, Dane hails from the Washington, DC-area suburbs. Throughout his academic career, he struggled to settle on a single subject as he found so many to be extremely interesting. At various points during college, Dane was a graphic design major, a biology major, an English major, a mathematics major, and a mass communications major.

Finally, he settled on a bachelor’s degree in psychology and graphic design with additional study in journalism and public relations.

After finishing his undergraduate degree, Dane headed south to study archaeology in the University of Mississippi graduate anthropology program.

Shortly after returning from Mississippi, Dane began looking into using his love and skill for writing to carve out a meager living until he found his dream job. It didn’t take long to realize that writing¬†is his dream job.

Having written for some of the web’s most popular news and entertainment outlets — including Android Authority, Phone Arena, Millennial Magazine, and Rehabs.com — Dane continues looking for opportunities to expand his clientele.

If you’d like to learn more about Dane, inquire about his writing services and potential partnerships, or if you’d simply like to send him a message to say “Hello,” visit the contact page using the link below.