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OnePlus 3

Never Settle: First Impressions of the OnePlus 3

Fledging smartphone maker OnePlus has released its third flagship, the OnePlus 3. Is the third time the charm? Let's discuss some initial impressions.

Mosiso makes some of the best MacBook Pro accessories

Mosiso — makers of tech accessories — sent me some MacBook Pro swag to review. Here are some of the best cases and bags you can buy for your MacBook.

This Printed, Neoprene Bag is a Pleasant Surprise

After being asked to review this neoprene bag with "The Starry Night Print", I'm impressed. Check out this surprisingly high-quality, laptop messenger bag.
Alice Through The Looking Glass

Guest Feature: What to Know About ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’

Is 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' a faithful adaptation of the book or a shameless cash-in on the first film's success? (Guest feature by Noah Nicholson)
Winter Storm Jonas

El Niño and Winter Storm Jonas, AKA Snowpocalypse 2016

Winter was running a bit late this year. If you feel the way I do about the winter season, you were probably pleased with...
Mass extinction event global warming

Earth’s sixth mass extinction is here, study confirms

After comparing the natural rate of extinction to the rate seen today, scientists confirm that Earth is currently in its sixth mass extinction event.
Marty McFly hoverboard

Marty McFly’s Hoverboard Will Soon Be a Reality

Fans of the Back to the Future films may soon have a real-life hoverboard of your very own. A new Guinness World Record is set by a hoverboard prototype that reaches "scary heights" while a husband-and-wife team have developed a promising hoverboard that uses electromagnets.
First American migrations map

Theory of North American peopling by Europeans definitively disproven

The "ice bridge" theory—called the Solutrean hypothesis—suggested that Upper Paleolithic Europeans traveled into North America via an "ice bridge" more than 22,000 years ago. However, this alternative theory of North American settlement has now been definitively disproven.
factory workers stock

My Love/Hate Relationship With Content Mills

We've all heard the term "content mill" and most writers hate them for good reason. But is there an upside to writing for content mills? Let's see.
writer's desk

8 Reasons You Need to Hire a Freelance Writer

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? Want to convert more leads, grow web traffic, & expand your web presence? Then look no further. Here are eight reasons why you should hire a freelance writer.
man brainstorming

How to Create Great Content That People Want to Read

The key to creating great content is in the planning. Here is what you should know about planning and creating great web content to increase your website's readership.
Writer's Idea

Preparing to Succeed as a Freelance Writer

Are you starting a career as a writer? Take a look at these simple steps that will help to guarantee the success of your freelance writing career.
Leon James and Willa Mae Rickar

Frankie Manning and the Lindy Hop: Today’s Google Doodle

To commemorate his 102nd birthday, Frankie Manning is featured in today's Google Doodle. But who is Frankie Manning? And what's the Lindy Hop?
Unsolicited marketing email stock

Here’s the Thing About Unsolicited Marketing Email…

Is your marketing campaign actually hurting your business? Here's why sending unsolicited marketing email will cost rather than gain potential customers.
Insomnia counting sheep

How Sleep (and Lack of It) Can Affect Your Job Performance

This helpful infographic from explains how lack of sleep can effect job performance and how that lost productivity affects our employers.
Marriage Equality now a Civil Right

U.S. Supreme Court ruling: Same-sex marriage legal nationwide

An official United States Supreme Court ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges has made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

Amusement, Anticipation & Authority

In today's blog post, we have a lot of info to catch up on... a recent trip, some exciting new releases, and a new job that means big things for me.
28th birthday Nexus 6P

Twenty-eight years and two new gadgets

It's about time for a blog update: The OnePlus 3 finally launched in VR today, I've got my hands on the Huawei Nexus 6P, and tons of reviews are coming.
man angry at computer

Tales of the heavy-headed millennial

Looking around at all the people who want to be writers just for the notoriety makes me one heavy-headed millennial. Here's how to be a real writer...
wait here stock photo

Good things come to those who wait

They say good things come to those who wait and I'm starting to agree. This week I have some big news to share and am gushing about a certain movie...


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8 Reasons to Hire a Writer


It would be a real shame for you to miss out on all the awesome product reviews, writing guides, science, career tips, contents, and giveaways. So you’ll probably want to provide your name and email below.