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Mobile App Concept

UX design is the convergence of aesthetics and usability, fueling function through expression.

Project Brief

Design a multifunctional digital environment through which individuals can access tools and resources to assist them on the journey to wellness and sobriety.

Key Objectives

Establish a Design Language

Map User Journey & App Layout

Aid in Creating a Project Timeline

Establish a Reference Point for Development

Never Alone Recovery app design, shown on an iPhone

About the Mobile App Concept

I created this design for a mobile app conceived to be a comprehensive digital resource to support individuals in recovery.

With minimal client input, I had the freedom to explore and experiment with the visual language while maintaining a brand-appropriate color scheme and familiar Material Design-inspired interface. The project activated more of my skills than any other singular project, drawing from my knowledge of graphic and visual UX design to visualize a new type of digital recovery tool.

My development and coding experience were valuable assets for conceptualizing the Never Alone Recovery mobile app. Among other things, it afforded me deeper understanding of feature implementation and user flow between app subsystems.

This also demystified concepts like app architecture and ensured a design in seamless harmony with the underlying functionality. In addition to maintaining aesthetic consistency, I took my practicality and attentiveness to detail from my dev background into my UX design.

I look back on this project to conceptualize a mobile app with immense pride. In my humble opinion, I set the stage for an incredible platform with which to empower those on the journey to wellness and sobriety.

Admin Dashboard/Backend

An accompanying browser-based admin dashboard was designed to demonstrate CRM functionality on the backend and to conceptualize the company's branding applied to a digital product.

Check Out the Presentation

A concept is only as strong as the form in which it's presented, meaning the client needed a deck that kicked serious booty. This deck offers a tour of the app interface.

Mobile App Concept Presentation, Never Alone Recovery
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