While I will also be a scientist, I’m first and foremost a writer. Having honed my craft over the past several years, I’ve acquired vast knowledge that I love sharing with others who are starting their own writing careers. Here in Writing, I post various pieces that relate to the writing process or freelancing, including tips and guides for writing engaging, informative, entertaining content for publication either on the web or in print. Additionally, I also publish my own writing samples and excerpts from ongoing projects.


Dane’s guide to writing your book’s synopsis

**Updated October 25, 2014** Once you’ve crafted your tale, one of the most important tasks is to write your book’s synopsis. But how do you distill hundreds of pages of plot, character, and description into a couple brief paragraphs that not only capture the essence of your book, but also entice and intrigue potential readers? Some may refer to it as a blurb, although that term tends to be used for promotional descriptions of the book rather than for what actually goes onto the book. I’ve also heard it referred to as a ‘back cover copy.’ Whatever your preferred nomenclature, I’ve found that this is undoubtedly one of the most important final tasks of the writing process. I can’t emphasize enough...
Danger Zone

And thou said, “Welcome to the Danger Zone”

This time last year, I was nearing completion of my bachelors degree and writing a column for the Shepherd University newspaper, The Picket. My column, called the Danger Zone for obvious reasons and so aptly named at the mutual consensus of my editor and yours truly, was a commentary on pretty much anything I felt like, within reason. I started the DZ in the fifth week of the semester and released five issues before the end of the semester. My debut DZ was about a religious survey a friend posted to Facebook a while ago. Enjoy! Hello Picket readers, alumni and Shepherd-enthusiasts alike. My name is Dane and I bring you the Danger Zone—mine and others’ views on haute topics, current events, entertainment,...
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