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What we know about ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7

After a very polarizing sixth season, what can we expect for 'American Horror Story Season 7'? Will we see the return of 'Freak Show' characters?

Lady Gaga on American Horror Story, ARTPOP follow-up returns to Fame roots

It’s been almost three months since artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball ended and according to reports, Gaga is hard at work on her fifth solo album, the follow-up to 2013’s psychedelic electro-pop extravaganza, ARTPOP. If you count 2014’s Cheek to Cheek recorded with jazz legend Tony Bennett and consider The Fame and The Fame Monster two separate albums, the upcoming creation will technically be her sixth. Additionally, Mother Monster is set to star in the next season of the FX hit anthrology series, American Horror Story. And that’s not all: On Valentine’s Day, Mother Monster got engaged. Boyfriend and now-fiance Taylor Kinney popped the question on Valentine’s Day, presenting Gaga with a large heart-shaped diamond. A celebratory dinner at Gaga’s family’s Manhattan restaurant Joanne Trattoria followed....

Goo goo for Gaga: Mother Monster hits the big screen, and other news

Ladies and ‘gents, boys and girls of all ages: I have stupendous news. As fortune would have it, Lady Gaga will be making her cinematic debut in the upcoming sequel to Machete, which will be called Machete Kills. [Take some deep breaths. I know this is some overwhelming news.] Lady Gaga will be starring as ‘La Chameleon’ Danny Trejo, who played the titular character in the first movie, will return as the protagonist in the sequel. Also returning is Jessica Alba, but this time she will be joined by the unspeakably beautiful Zoe Saldana (who played the ass-kicking Cataleya in the 2011 French-American action film, Colombiana) and Mel Gibson, who will play a James Bond-esque villain. Those who saw the 2007 B...