Top 10 biggest moments in tech (2016 edition)

It was a pretty eventful year in the tech industry, but these are the 10 biggest and most memory moments in the technology sector for 2016.

Should you or shouldn’t you buy a Google Pixel?

Reception to the Pixel phones has been mixed to positive. What do you think of Google's new premium flagships? Is the Pixel for you?
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Election Results 2016, and less depressing news

At last, the 2016 Presidential Election is over... and surely we're not all happy. Also, upcoming tech reviews, new Google hardware, and Doctor Strange.

#madebygoogle: Pixel and Pixel XL are not for the faint of wallet

Today, Google finally launched the much-hyped and much-leaked Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Do the respectable specs and impressive features justify the price?

Google Allo falls short of its lofty ambitions

Excitement was high when Google announced two new messaging apps, but Allo falls short of the promises it makes. Here's why Google Allo is so disappointing.
28th birthday Nexus 6P

Twenty-eight years and two new gadgets

It's about time for a blog update: The OnePlus 3 finally launched in VR today, I've got my hands on the Huawei Nexus 6P, and tons of reviews are coming.

Content as the Building Blocks of the Internet

"Content" has been a major buzzword lately, but what is it? Why is it so important? Let's start by considering how content relates to the big, expansive internet.
A Year with Chrome OS Samsung Chromebook

My Year of Chrome: A follow-up review after 365 days with Google Chrome OS

How does Chrome OS hold up? Having spent a year using the Samsung Chromebook, here's a follow-up review of Chrome OS, its strengths and weaknesses.
Chrome OS

Tech Review: Chrome OS on the Samsung Chromebook

Despite being an avid Mac user, I bought and have been using a Samsung Chromebook as my primary computer for writing. Having spent some time on Chrome OS, here are my thoughts and impressions.

Dane wishes you a Happy Halloween

Today is October 31, which means it’s All Hallows’ Eve. Along with St. Patrick’s Day — because I’m super Irish if you couldn’t tell — Halloween is my favorite holiday. This post is going to be a couple of things. In light of the occasion, I figured I’d give a bit of a history of Halloween, just for funsies. Well, also to make this post somewhat interesting to those who aren’t really interested in hearing about my writing plans. And then I’m also going to give an update of my blog’s (soon to be website’s) recent overhaul and what I’ve got planned in the weeks and months to come. So what’s the deal with Halloween? I’m glad you asked. Halloween:...