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Top 10 last minute tech gifts under $100

Did you leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute? Don't worry. Here are the ten best last minute tech gifts under $100 for Christmas 2016.
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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

Am I the only one who's in complete disbelief that we're only five days away from Christmas? When I think about it, I have to hold my head together to keep it from blowing my mind.

Farewell to 2014

Today is the 365th day of the year 2014. Speaking only for myself, this year has definitely been a bit of a roller coaster. Actually, if I had to describe this year in only one word, that word would probably be erratic. Or maybe spasmodic. Some word that means unpredictably inconsistent and all over the place. Looking back over the year, I’m very conflicted. On the one hand I’ve had some of the roughest days of my life over the course of this past year, but for every single bad day I feel like I’ve also had some really great, memorable days as well. Maybe that’s the way it is for everyone. In light of the year’s end, I figured...

Twas the night before Christmas…

It’s just occurred to me that it’s been three weeks since my last article or update here at DaneOLeary.com. Woops. December has been a bit more hectic than usual. As the holidays approached, I had to get out and do my Christmas shopping whenever I got the chance. I’ve also been doing a lot of content writing lately and I’m pleased — and somewhat surprised — to report that I’ve been making a respectable living (for a little over a month so far) as a writer at various content mills around the web. My biggest source of income has been Textbroker, which also comes as a bit of a surprise to me. So content writing has been a large part of the reason my...