Rats tell us why men find lingerie sexy, study says

In a Canadian study that got a little weird, rats told us why lingerie is sexy. And no, it didn’t involve gentlemen rats admitting their raunchy sex fantasies or lady rats explaining that the right French-cut panties will make that special boy sit up and take notice. Scientists at Concordia University in Montreal outfitted some female rats with some sexy rat jackets, the rodent equivalent of lacy lingerie. Then they gathered some virgin male rats — I guess they don’t objectify females like more experienced males do — to drop them into a cage with the lace-clad lady rats and let nature take its course. Once the boy rats became men, the researchers allowed them to mate again; however, this time...
Napping humpback whale

Scientists get rare footage of sleepy whale taking a nap

Did you know that humpback whales are the farthest traveling mammals on the planet, capable of journeying some 3,000 miles per year as part of their annual migration? All that swimming is enough to make any whale absolutely pooped. While on an expedition to the Caribbean earlier this year, researcher Kieran Bown of PangaMX (follow them on Facebook here) and his team saw the tail of a humpback whale sticking out of the water some distance away. At first they were afraid the whale was dead or grievously injured as the tail wasn’t moving. When they went in to investigate the motionless animal, they found that she wasn’t dead, but rather just dead tired. “The Humpback was sound asleep, vertically...



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