Marty McFly hoverboard

Marty McFly’s Hoverboard Will Soon Be a Reality

Fans of the Back to the Future films may soon have a real-life hoverboard of your very own. A new Guinness World Record is set by a hoverboard prototype that reaches "scary heights" while a husband-and-wife team have developed a promising hoverboard that uses electromagnets.
Haptic 3D ultrasound shapes

Ultrasound used to create 3D shapes in mid-air that can even be felt

I’m sure you’ve seen secret agents and spaceship pilots of the future interact with holographic computer screens or models suspended in mid-air in front of them. Nowadays even films set in the present incorporate technologies that, until recently, we could scarcely even imagine; however, technology like you’ve seen in the movies may become science reality pretty soon. New research has developed a way of suspending 3D shapes in midair using ultrasound. Looking like a scene taken out of a blockbuster film, the shape can be seen and even felt with your bare hand. Researchers at the University of Bristol’s Department of Computer Science are working to develop this technology not just for use in entertainment and consumer electronics, but also for medical...