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eLearning online learning

How eLearning is Revolutionizing the Job Market

The recent popularity of eLearning platforms could revolutionize the skills-based job market. Learn how online learning can pave the way to a better career.
A Year with Chrome OS Samsung Chromebook

My Year of Chrome: A follow-up review after 365 days with Google Chrome OS

How does Chrome OS hold up? Having spent a year using the Samsung Chromebook, here's a follow-up review of Chrome OS, its strengths and weaknesses.
OnePlus 2 flagship killer

A Month with 2015’s Flagship Killer: OnePlus 2 Review

Does the OnePlus 2 exceed the high standards set by last year's OnePlus One? Here's a comprehensive review of the OnePlus 2 after one full month's use.

5 Productivity Apps You Should Be Using

Do you struggle to be productive while surrounded by technology? Here are five must-have productivity apps that you could be using to be more efficient and organized.

Apple Watch pre-orders sold out, hits store displays today

In addition to being available for pre-order, customers can now get their hands on an actual Apple Watch. While iOS users will have to wait a couple weeks longer to get it around their wrist, the Apple Watch has finally gone on display. In stores all across the country today, Apple Watch display units are available for users to finally get a firsthand feel of Apple’s first foray into the wrist-worn wearable tech market. As of 12:01 AM Pacific time last night, the Apple watch finally became available for pre-order with an initial shipping date of April 24, only to become sold-out just six hours last. Those who pre-order the new Apple Watch after 6:00 AM will be getting theirs...
Chrome OS

Tech Review: Chrome OS on the Samsung Chromebook

Despite being an avid Mac user, I bought and have been using a Samsung Chromebook as my primary computer for writing. Having spent some time on Chrome OS, here are my thoughts and impressions.
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