This Printed, Neoprene Bag is a Pleasant Surprise

I’ve written my fair share of product reviews on Amazon. In most cases, they’re products I purchased for myself or a loved one and I wrote reviews to help others make their purchasing decisions like the existing reviews helped me make mine. But some of the reviews I’ve written were for products I was asked to review by companies wanting honest feedback for their products, and I’m always happy to oblige.

One of my most recent requests was for a messenger bag from a company a believe is called Colorfulbags®. Coincidentally, I had been looking around for a new laptop bag for the MacBook Pro I bought just a few months ago, so this request came a really perfect time.

First, the bag in question—which is available with 17 different printed designs—is intended for laptop or notebook computers up to 15.6 inches in size. My MacBook is the 13.3-inch model so it wasn’t the snug fit that I would prefer, but that’s certainly not the bag’s fault.

bag_1I chose to review the bag with “The Starry Night” design, which Colorfulbags® refers to as “Fashion Hurricane“. (I presume this has something to do with licensing, but I can’t say for sure.)

What immediately impressed me about the bag is that is feels extremely well made. It’s constructed out of neoprene; I have a love-hate relationship with neoprene and wouldn’t normally choose neoprene for myself, but it’s a versatile and resilient material that you see used a lot in such accessories and it’s used to great effect here.

bag_3When you look at the zipper, the craftsmanship really shows. It’s extremely sturdy. I wouldn’t quite describe it as heavy-duty, but I wouldn’t be concerned about it failing on me. It operates extremely smoothly and feels like it keeps the bag closed securely.

The shoulder strap isn’t really anything special although it has a rubberized pad for comfort that I really appreciate. It makes the bag very enjoyable to carry and use, so it’s definitely a success in terms of practicality. I also want to mention that the printed design on the bag—”The Starry Night” for me—looks great. I’m always hesitant to purchase or use products that have designs printed on them. In my experience, printed designs quickly wear off and start to look terrible in just a short time. This is a bag I definitely wouldn’t have considered for myself—I tend to prefer bags that don’t have printed designs and that are colored because of actual colored fabric—but the quality of the print as well as of the bag itself are really quite impressive.

bag_6You’d most likely carry the bag using the shoulder strap, but it also has regular briefcase-style handles that are rubberized in the same way as the comfort pad on the shoulder strap. It’s affixed firmly to the bag and doesn’t at all feel like it might come off. Additionally, you’ve got a slot on the front—that can be opened or closed with a discreet zipper—where you can store a notebook, planner, a tablet or cell phone, or whatever else you may want to stash in there.

Overall, I must say that I’m pleased with this bag. Unfortunately, it’s not the right size for my 13-inch MacBook Pro, but I’ll surely be hanging onto it in case I find myself with an appropriately-sized computer at some point in the future.

Lately, it seems that I’m disappointed in products more often than I’m pleasantly surprised or impressed, but even though this is a bag I wouldn’t have chosen for myself, I’m happy to know there are neoprene bags and bags with printed designs that are actually high in quality. And when you consider that this bag currently costs less than $23 with free Prime shipping, I can recommend this bag with confidence.

bag_5In closing, I want to thank Colorfulbags® for the opportunity to review this bag and post a reminder that I’m always available for product reviews. If you have a product or service you’d like me to review, visit my contact page or post a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to check it out.

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