Earlier this year, I bought a new MacBook Pro. (Don’t even get me started on how Apple is supposed to be reviving the MacBook Pro line this fall.) I’d spent the previous year using a Chromebook and was anxious to get back into Mac OS X… errr, macOS I mean.

As I’m sure you know firsthand, anytime you buy a new computer you have to go through the motions of fitting it with all-new accessories. While the redundant expense is worthy of a groan, I actually find outfitting a new gadget to be pretty fun. Of course, I don’t mean replacing peripherals like a wireless mouse, Bluetooth keyboard, or a USB hub. Rather, I mean finding things like cases, sleeves, and other such accessories. In short, I’m talking about the accessories that protect your new device and help you to transport it.

Not long ago, I received an email from someone with Mosiso. If you don’t immediately recognize the name, you’ve surely encountered the company’s products. Amazon offers a bevy of Mosiso products for a wide range of devices, but they’re most known for high-quality smartphone, laptop, and tablet accessories.

In the email, I was offered the opportunity to review some of their products. Perfect timing, I thought. And it really was. I’d just been asked by another company to review a Starry Night laptop bag, but I wasn’t able to request a bag that actually fit my 13-inch MacBook Pro; as such, I’ve not been able to use it. When I first bought my MacBook Pro, I quickly bought a soft-touch shell to protect it. I also bought some wrist pads to put at the sides of the touchpad so that the front edges of the computer wouldn’t dig into my wrists as I worked. I also bought a keyboard protector so that dust and other debris wouldn’t get into the keyboard and a silver skin to put over the touchpad to protect it from hand oils. My goal was to keep my MacBook Pro as safe and clean as possible as I’ve made the mistake of overlooking these things before and ended up with a computer that looked like it had been dug out of the ground.

Long story short, Mosiso happened to contact me right at a time when I was particularly inclined to explore accessories for my MacBook Pro. They sent me two different protective shells and a laptop sleeve that’s also a really neat bag, so I wanted to share my feedback as to the quality of these Mosiso products. Let’s start with the most basic item..

Mosiso Soft-Touch Hard Case in Black

shell black_1As I mentioned previously, when I first bought my current MacBook Pro back in January, I went onto Amazon and bought a few accessories to protect it. Basically, I looked for products that received strong customer feedback while being lower in cost than similar items made by other companies.

The shell I ended up buying was made by TopCase. It was listed as a rubberized hard case for the MacBook Pro and of the fourteen colors available, I chose the gray one for $14.99. When I got it, I wasn’t blown away by its quality or appeal. I figured that you could either choose form or function and the TopCase shell was definitely the latter. Not that it was ugly, but the gray color was kind of jaundiced looking and there were some rough edges.

By comparison, the Mosiso case is of significantly higher quality. It arrived in a Mosiso-branded plastic sleeve. When you take the case out of the plastic, you don’t immediately see anything that differentiates the Mosiso from a TopCase or another shell. But then you touch the case and realize that it feels incredibly silky, almost like velvet. It’s definitely plastic, but Mosiso went a step above by making sure that the case doesn’t feel plastic. The case feels thick, too, offering lots of protection while still allowing the Apple logo to shine through when I’m using my MacBook.

It fit my computer like a glove, just as you’d expect. I can’t help but keep rubbing my fingers across it because it’s so soft. Additionally, there are no rough edges or any defects in its construction that I can see. As far as the color goes, the black is much more like gray, but that’s not a bad thing. This Mosiso soft-touch case is available in a much wider range of colors than the TopCase I had been using; there are 30 different variants to be exact. It’s also made in different sizes, so there’s almost no question whether you’d find a case that fit your MacBook in a color or pattern you like.

Mosiso Premium PU Leather-Coated Hard Case in Black

leather shell_3The other case Mosiso sent me — which, incidentally, I also chose in black — has a faux-leather texture in place of the velvet-like soft touch case I described previously. There seems to be some type of finish that’s comparable to the soft-touch because it does feel very similar to leather, but a bit thinner with a finer “grain”.

Like the soft-touch case, the leather-textured Mosiso case is extremely well-made. There are no rough edges, not even around any of the port cut-outs or in the vents on the bottom piece that helps to keep your MacBook cool during use.

I really only have one issue with this leather-textured case, and that’s the circular cut-out for the Apple logo. I understand that the Apple logo probably wouldn’t have been seen much or at all if they’d not removed the area that would have covered it, but there’s just something about it that irks me a little bit. It may be nitpicking on my part and it’s mostly an aesthetic gripe. Again, I understand that it’s functional and meant to let the Apple logo show, but I almost would’ve preferred that they just left the case to cover the logo than to have this big, circular cut-out that detracts from the overall look. In fact, if it weren’t for the cut-out I’d probably continue to use the leather-coated case, but as it stands I’ll actually be using the soft-touch case going forward.

Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag and Sleeve Briefcase in Wine Red

red slip_1The third and final product Mosiso generously sent me is definitely my favorite. At a glance, it appears to be a laptop sleeve, albeit a really well-made sleeve with a fleece inner lining that assures my MacBook’s protection. But then you notice that on each side of the sleeve, there’s a pocket held closed with velcro and containing two briefcase-style handles for easier transport. And within the bag is an adjustable shoulder strap that can be fastened to rings located just inside the sleeve’s outer pockets at opposite ends, turning the briefcase-style sleeve into a bonafide over-the-shoulder messenger bag. The range in functionality was a really nice surprise and definitely impressed me.

As for the bag’s quality, you can tell immediately that it’s well-made. The seams all look careful and clean, and the pulls on the zipper are metal rather than plastic and operate as smooth as you could possibly want. There were clearly no corners cut in the making of this shoulder bag and briefcase crossover. The sheer quality of its construction will make you wonder how Mosiso could sell it for just $22.99.

All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with the products I received from Mosiso. Not only are Mosiso’s products high in quality, but they offer versatile functionality and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can appeal to anyone’s style. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who might be looking for accessories for their Mac laptops now or in the future. Without a doubt Mosiso makes the best MacBook Pro accessories

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