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The Thousand Dollar Tan Line Veronica Mars

Book Review: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, a Veronica Mars Novel

On the heels of the film's release, the first in a series of Veronica Mars novels debuts. Does the blonde detective's snark translate to book format? Here's a review of Veronica Mars, Book 1: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.
So it goes Kurt Vonnegut

Book Review: Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’

Kurt Vonnegut is considered a master of contemporary American satire. Here's a review of his most acclaimed novel, 'Slaughterhouse-Five'.
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Book Review: Abraham Lincoln slays vamps in well-researched historical fantasy

Almost always when I hear a movie is being made based on a book, I find myself running out to buy the book before the movie comes out so I can experience the story in its most authentic form. Therefore, I don’t consider myself someone that succumbs easily to peer pressure, as it seems everyone is reading this book right now. Additionally, I’m very picky about fiction and completely new to this ‘historical fiction’ genre that’s become trendy of late, so I had low expectations for it before I started–I couldn’t have been more wrong. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is, as suggested on the back cover, “weirdly well researched.” Grahame-Smith weaves what would without vampire lore be another Abe Lincoln biography into...
Richard Dawkins

It truly is the Greatest Show on Earth

As mentioned in my last post, I’m currently in a graduate anthropology program. I’ve had a lot of concepts, systems of thought, statistics &etc. thrown at me over the past month and a half. Having read a lot of Richard Dawkins in the past (which reinforced my decision to purse anthropological study), I am familiar with a lot of the content insofar but I wouldn’t say I really knew the content. I can say, though, that at this point I’m really filling in my existing knowledge with a lot of detail. I’ve been reading Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth: Evidence for Evolution on and off for less than a year. Normally, I’d speed through one of his books in a manner akin to...

Book Review: ‘I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell’ by Tucker Max

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the binge-drinking, girl-chasing frat boy and hysterical writer, Tucker Max. Tucker Max is the kind of guy about whom fathers give stern warnings to their daughters; “hit it and quit it” is not a philosophy lost to the frequently obnoxious Tucker, and while his character may leave much to be desired when it comes to decency and self-control, the “Tucker Chronicles” provide highly entertaining, hilarious and often downright outrageous stories and accounts from his college years. In his debut drunken commentary, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Tucker recounts failed relationships, a comical fight with some serious backwoods rednecks, countless one-night stands, the dangers of owning your own personal breathalyzer, public defecation...
end of the world vector

Book Review: It’s morbid, it’s scientific, it’s DEATH FROM THE SKIES

I’ve always had a morbid fascination with doomsday, particularly as it relates to astronomy. The end of the world via a space-related source would bring a whole new meaning to the word “helpless”. As a means of coping with this ever-present vulnerability (and movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact don’t ease many worries) I will scientifically investigate different doomsday scenarios to see what the likelihood of the various ways we could all fry like ants through a magnifying glass would actually be. Cut to me in a bookstore, my equivalent to a candy shop for an eager child. I’m in the astronomy section when I stumble upon this book, written by Dr. Philip Plait, on astronomical (meaning of or pertaining...
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