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OnePlus 3

Never Settle: First Impressions of the OnePlus 3

Fledging smartphone maker OnePlus has released its third flagship, the OnePlus 3. Is the third time the charm? Let's discuss some initial impressions.

Mosiso makes some of the best MacBook Pro accessories

Mosiso — makers of tech accessories — sent me some MacBook Pro swag to review. Here are some of the best cases and bags you can buy for your MacBook.

This Printed, Neoprene Bag is a Pleasant Surprise

After being asked to review this neoprene bag with "The Starry Night Print", I'm impressed. Check out this surprisingly high-quality, laptop messenger bag.
Alice Through The Looking Glass

Guest Feature: What to Know About ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’

Is 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' a faithful adaptation of the book or a shameless cash-in on the first film's success? (Guest feature by Noah Nicholson)
Mowgli and Baloo

Review: ‘The Jungle Book’ is exactly the film you want it to be

'Iron Man' director Jon Favreau hits a home run with his adaptation of this Disney classic. From the performances to the impressive effects, 'The Jungle Book' is a resounding success.
eLearning online learning

How eLearning is Revolutionizing the Job Market

The recent popularity of eLearning platforms could revolutionize the skills-based job market. Learn how online learning can pave the way to a better career.
Deadpool movie

‘Deadpool’ Debuts the Sardonic Merc with a Mouth, the Antihero for Adults

It's Valentine's Day Weekend, which means that it's time for a Deadpool movie review. Read all about one of the most highly-anticipated superhero movies featuring the sardonic, antihero Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds.
A Year with Chrome OS Samsung Chromebook

My Year of Chrome: A follow-up review after 365 days with Google Chrome OS

How does Chrome OS hold up? Having spent a year using the Samsung Chromebook, here's a follow-up review of Chrome OS, its strengths and weaknesses.
Captain America Civil War concept art

What we know about ‘Captain America: Civil War’ & James Gunn’s glowing review

'Captain America: Civil War' is just 5 months away & early reviews are glowing. Here's everything you should know about the upcoming 13th Marvel film.
learning online with e-courses

Udemy kicks off 2016 with thousands of $10 courses

If you've not heard of e-course marketplace and learning platform Udemy, now's the time to check it out with thousands of 10-dollar courses; and here's my Udemy review.
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