Book Review: ‘I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell’ by Tucker Max

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the binge-drinking, girl-chasing frat boy and hysterical writer, Tucker Max. Tucker Max is the kind of guy about whom fathers give stern warnings to their daughters; “hit it and quit it” is not a philosophy lost to the frequently obnoxious Tucker, and while his character may leave much to be desired when it comes to decency and self-control, the “Tucker Chronicles” provide highly entertaining, hilarious and often downright outrageous stories and accounts from his college years.

In his debut drunken commentary, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Tucker recounts failed relationships, a comical fight with some serious backwoods rednecks, countless one-night stands, the dangers of owning your own personal breathalyzer, public defecation (yes–defecation), and general womanizing.

‘Max’ Appeal
Unfortunately, I find Tucker’s debauchery and antics to be… well, inspiring. It’s not that I want to degrade or insult women, or that I particularly wish to fall (dick first) into a stagnant mud puddle after a night of heavy drinking and subsequent vomiting through my nose outside a Chinese restaurant. It’s more his attitude and confidence that I find so admirable.

Tucker Max’s first book, which has since
been made into a feature film

As a writer, Tucker is very tell-it-as-he-sees-it. His descriptive styles helps put the reader into each outrageous scenario. The dialogue included in these scenes is classic; impossible to make up, these are real-life expressions and statements made by real and really drunk people.

Tucker Max represents the type of man that most men want to be; he’s assertive, pretty intelligent (as well he should be since he’s in graduate school throughout most of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell), suave, obnoxious, and frequently an asshole. There are mine times throughout the Tucker saga that you wonder, “How in the hell does he get away with this shit?”

But get away with it he does, and although usually his antic don’t pass quietly, he usually comes out unscathed while his friends are usually a little worse for wear.

Tucker Max’s second

Bottom Line
Why am I writing about Tucker Max? Well, I wanted to bring some attention to an alternative lifestyle, one that brings much enjoyment to onlookers, and who could be an inspiration to some who find themselves to be a bit of a drag.

Having read Beer in Hell, his first publication unless you count his website (originally intended to be a dating application for prospective one-nighters but transformed into an anthology of Tucker debauchery), I can honestly say that, while I may not be anything like the type of guy Tucker Max confesses to being, he’s an aspiration to the inner asshole in all of us.

I have officially ordered his comically titled second publication Assholes Finish First from Amazon and eagerly anticipate its arrival. Although he is pretty much a jackass in every sense of the word, I highly recommend that everyone check out any of Tucker Max’s literary masterpieces.

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