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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch: Everything you need to know

We finally have a release date for the Nintendo Switch... but is it a Wii-placement? What will it cost? Here's everything to know about Nintendo Switch.

Top 10 biggest moments in tech (2016 edition)

It was a pretty eventful year in the tech industry, but these are the 10 biggest and most memory moments in the technology sector for 2016.
Christmas gift avalanche

Top 10 last minute tech gifts under $100

Did you leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute? Don't worry. Here are the ten best last minute tech gifts under $100 for Christmas 2016.
Man in VR

Virtual reality — what comes next?

Virtual reality used to be science fiction, but it seems the future is finally here. Where will virtual reality technology go as we move forward?
Lady Gaga witch AHS Roanoke

What we know about ‘American Horror Story’ Season 7

After a very polarizing sixth season, what can we expect for 'American Horror Story Season 7'? Will we see the return of 'Freak Show' characters?

Should you or shouldn’t you buy a Google Pixel?

Reception to the Pixel phones has been mixed to positive. What do you think of Google's new premium flagships? Is the Pixel for you?

#madebygoogle: Pixel and Pixel XL are not for the faint of wallet

Today, Google finally launched the much-hyped and much-leaked Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Do the respectable specs and impressive features justify the price?

Google Allo falls short of its lofty ambitions

Excitement was high when Google announced two new messaging apps, but Allo falls short of the promises it makes. Here's why Google Allo is so disappointing.
Axon 7

ZTE Axon 7 review: Impressive device with irksome flaws

It's been the year of the budget flagship. This time, we're looking at the ZTE Axon 7. Will it dethrone the OnePlus 3? Let's find out in this Axon 7 review.

Samsung Galaxy Note7: A Brief Review

It's been about a week since the Note7 officially hit shelves. Is it a hit or a miss? Here is my first look at the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note7.
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