You may know Dane from Android Authority where he writes about consumer tech. Or perhaps you’ve read one of his articles published by the likes of Millennial Magazine and Magnetic Magazine. It’s possible that you saw his work on some of the top mental health and addiction-related websites, including Dual-Diagnosis.org and Rehabs.com.

Dane is primarily a writer and tech journalist. He’s also a designer, a budding web developer, and a proud nerd. This website is Dane’s headquarters, serving as an outlet for pent-up creative energies and as a forum for indulging in his varied interests.


#madebygoogle: Pixel and Pixel XL are not for the faint of wallet

Today, Google finally launched the much-hyped and much-leaked Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Do the respectable specs and impressive features justify the price?
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Google Allo falls short of its lofty ambitions

Excitement was high when Google announced two new messaging apps, but Allo falls short of the promises it makes. Here's why Google Allo is so disappointing.
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Axon 7

ZTE Axon 7 review: Impressive device with irksome flaws

It's been the year of the budget flagship. This time, we're looking at the ZTE Axon 7. Will it dethrone the OnePlus 3? Let's find out in this Axon 7 review.
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Samsung Galaxy Note7: A Brief Review

It's been about a week since the Note7 officially hit shelves. Is it a hit or a miss? Here is my first look at the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note7.
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Making video content

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Video Content Right Now

In this guest feature by Tim Stoddart of Stodzy, Inc., learn why it's important to create great video content and what you need to start right now.
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Jumping hurdles

Three Tips for New Freelancers

Are you trying to start a career as a freelancer writer? Here are three tips for freelancers that will make you a better and much more efficient writer.
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