You may know Dane from Android Authority where he writes about consumer tech. Or perhaps you’ve read one of his articles published by the likes of Millennial Magazine and Magnetic Magazine. It’s possible that you saw his work on some of the top mental health and addiction-related websites, including Dual-Diagnosis.org and Rehabs.com.

Dane is primarily a writer and tech journalist. He’s also a designer, a budding web developer, and a proud nerd. This website is Dane’s headquarters, serving as an outlet for pent-up creative energies and as a forum for indulging in his varied interests.


Danger Zone

And thou said, “Welcome to the Danger Zone”

This time last year, I was nearing completion of my bachelors degree and writing a column for the Shepherd University newspaper, The Picket. My column, called the Danger Zone for obvious reasons and so aptly named at the mutual consensus of my editor and yours truly, was a commentary on pretty much anything I felt like, within reason....
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Facebook Obituaries?

I’ve thought about this a few times over the years as Facebook has spread like a social media epidemic–I’m waiting to sign in and see a friend request from my grandmother; it’s going to happen. I don’t typically read newspapers because I mean, c’mon, how primitive is that? In the age of Facebook, waiting for...
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Richard Dawkins

It truly is the Greatest Show on Earth

As mentioned in my last post, I’m currently in a graduate anthropology program. I’ve had a lot of concepts, systems of thought, statistics &etc. thrown at me over the past month and a half. Having read a lot of Richard Dawkins in the past (which reinforced my decision to purse anthropological study), I am familiar with a...
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Book Review: ‘I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell’ by Tucker Max

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the binge-drinking, girl-chasing frat boy and hysterical writer, Tucker Max. Tucker Max is the kind of guy about whom fathers give stern warnings to their daughters; “hit it and quit it” is not a philosophy lost to the frequently obnoxious Tucker, and while his character may leave much...
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end of the world vector

Book Review: It’s morbid, it’s scientific, it’s DEATH FROM THE SKIES

I’ve always had a morbid fascination with doomsday, particularly as it relates to astronomy. The end of the world via a space-related source would bring a whole new meaning to the word “helpless”. As a means of coping with this ever-present vulnerability (and movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact don’t ease many worries) I will...
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