You may know Dane from Android Authority where he writes about consumer tech. Or perhaps you’ve read one of his articles published by the likes of Millennial Magazine and Magnetic Magazine. It’s possible that you saw his work on some of the top mental health and addiction-related websites, including Dual-Diagnosis.org and Rehabs.com.

Dane is primarily a writer and tech journalist. He’s also a designer, a budding web developer, and a proud nerd. This website is Dane’s headquarters, serving as an outlet for pent-up creative energies and as a forum for indulging in his varied interests.


Goo goo for Gaga: Mother Monster hits the big screen, and other news

Ladies and ‘gents, boys and girls of all ages: I have stupendous news. As fortune would have it, Lady Gaga will be making her cinematic debut in the upcoming sequel to Machete, which will be called Machete Kills. [Take some deep breaths. I know this is some overwhelming news.] Lady Gaga will be starring as...
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So it goes Kurt Vonnegut

Book Review: Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Slaughterhouse-Five’

Kurt Vonnegut is considered a master of contemporary American satire. Here's a review of his most acclaimed novel, 'Slaughterhouse-Five'.
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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Book Review: Abraham Lincoln slays vamps in well-researched historical fantasy

Almost always when I hear a movie is being made based on a book, I find myself running out to buy the book before the movie comes out so I can experience the story in its most authentic form. Therefore, I don’t consider myself someone that succumbs easily to peer pressure, as it seems everyone is...
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From Dane’s Kitchen: “That’s an intimidating mound of garlic.”

Sometimes I’m just in the mood to cook, and actually I enjoy cooking, a lot. You could probably blame that on my mother, or grandmother, since they’re both such foodies. Their culinary prowess resulted in my becoming a glorified ‘food snob.’ On the plus side, I’ve become pretty savvy in the kitchen over the years....
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Evolution of man

The (Sorta) Modernist’s Approach to Contemporary Anthropology

Asking yourself, “What are the current trends in anthropological research today?” I’m sure if you weren’t before, you are by now. And that’s an excellent question… Throughout academia, there is an increasing demand for more holistic scientific research. Indeed, current research in anthropology increasingly references other fields—i.e., economics, psychology, sociology, biology, etc.—in order to make...
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Welcome to Mississippi

Mississippi Proposition 26: Dane Reluctantly Talks Politics

Having only lived in Mississippi for a few months, I can’t say I’m familiar with the political tone down here. Are they religious? Are they secular? What about crime rates? Is texting while driving illegal? (If it isn’t, it should be–although that’s why I refuse to own a car with a manual transmission.) What is Mississippi...
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