You may know Dane from Android Authority where he writes about consumer tech. Or perhaps you’ve read one of his articles published by the likes of Millennial Magazine and Magnetic Magazine. It’s possible that you saw his work on some of the top mental health and addiction-related websites, including Dual-Diagnosis.org and Rehabs.com.

Dane is primarily a writer and tech journalist. He’s also a designer, a budding web developer, and a proud nerd. This website is Dane’s headquarters, serving as an outlet for pent-up creative energies and as a forum for indulging in his varied interests.


AHS Freak Show

American Horror Story ‘Freak Show’ returns next week, reveals new title sequence

Next week (Wed., Oct. 8) will mark the return of the super successful horror anthology American Horror Story. As some may be aware, this season will take place in 1952 in the town of Jupiter, Florida, and the concept, subtitled ‘Freak Show‘, will tell the story of one of the last remaining traveling freak shows...
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Film Review: The Maze Runner, a dark epic blockbuster

I’ll admit it: Prior to the release of the film last week, I’d never even heard of James Dashner’s best-selling book (pub. 2007). So I wouldn’t have known that it spawned not one (2010), but two (2011) successful sequels and a series prequel (2012). I suppose The Hunger Games usurped my attention and The Maze Runner Trilogy, as it’s called,...
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The Thousand Dollar Tan Line Veronica Mars

Book Review: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line, a Veronica Mars Novel

On the heels of the film's release, the first in a series of Veronica Mars novels debuts. Does the blonde detective's snark translate to book format? Here's a review of Veronica Mars, Book 1: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line.
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The Death and Rebirth of My Book

As I mentioned, I have been (or was) writing a book loosely based on my own experiences. I worked on it avidly for the first six months, then it sat and stagnated for about a year. When I tore into again, I made a ton of progress, getting to about 75% completion or so. Unfortunately,...
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National Novel Writing Month 2012

It’s about that time again! Right on the heels of Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes a month near and dear to my heart. It’s a month where writers young and old are challenged to dedicate as much of their November days toward completing a novel of 50,000 words or more. The purpose of this blog...
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Dane’s guide to writing your book’s synopsis

**Updated October 25, 2014** Once you’ve crafted your tale, one of the most important tasks is to write your book’s synopsis. But how do you distill hundreds of pages of plot, character, and description into a couple brief paragraphs that not only capture the essence of your book, but also entice and intrigue potential readers?...
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