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Goo goo for Gaga: Mother Monster hits the big screen, and other news

Ladies and ‘gents, boys and girls of all ages: I have stupendous news. As fortune would have it, Lady Gaga will be making her cinematic debut in the upcoming sequel to Machete, which will be called Machete Kills. [Take some deep breaths. I know this is some overwhelming news.] Lady Gaga will be starring as ‘La Chameleon’ Danny Trejo, who played the titular character in the first movie, will return as the protagonist in the sequel. Also returning is Jessica Alba, but this time she will be joined by the unspeakably beautiful Zoe Saldana (who played the ass-kicking Cataleya in the 2011 French-American action film, Colombiana) and Mel Gibson, who will play a James Bond-esque villain. Those who saw the 2007 B...

From Dane’s Kitchen: “That’s an intimidating mound of garlic.”

Sometimes I’m just in the mood to cook, and actually I enjoy cooking, a lot. You could probably blame that on my mother, or grandmother, since they’re both such foodies. Their culinary prowess resulted in my becoming a glorified ‘food snob.’ On the plus side, I’ve become pretty savvy in the kitchen over the years. The benefit of being a self-proclaimed food snob is that I have an affinity for the finest foods, which, as the nomenclature implies, are the best of the best. I don’t claim to be even remotely close to the skill levels of chefs Emeril Lagasse or Alton Brown or Bobby Flay or Ann Burrell or, hell even Paula Dean. But as I said, I enjoy...
Welcome to Mississippi

Mississippi Proposition 26: Dane Reluctantly Talks Politics

Having only lived in Mississippi for a few months, I can’t say I’m familiar with the political tone down here. Are they religious? Are they secular? What about crime rates? Is texting while driving illegal? (If it isn’t, it should be–although that’s why I refuse to own a car with a manual transmission.) What is Mississippi Proposition 26? Recently I’ve heard a lot of talk about Proposition 26 (i26), the ‘personhood’ amendment. In case you’re not familiar with pending Mississippi legislature, here’s the gist of i26: If Prop. 26 passes, Mississippi state court systems will consider a fertilized egg a human being, with all the typical human and legal rights, from the moment of conception onward. Here’s another way of looking at it:...

Facebook Obituaries?

I’ve thought about this a few times over the years as Facebook has spread like a social media epidemic–I’m waiting to sign in and see a friend request from my grandmother; it’s going to happen. I don’t typically read newspapers because I mean, c’mon, how primitive is that? In the age of Facebook, waiting for the bundle of ridiculously thin paper covered in notoriously smudgy ink is unacceptable. What’s acceptable, however, is posting to Facebook about how ridiculous newspapers are nowadays. Such are the times in which we live. You really can’t argue with how extensively one’s personal history is written on their Facebook page. Part of the reason is because in these times when anything can be attributed importance via...
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