How Sleep (and Lack of It) Can Affect Your Job Performance

Speaking only for myself, sleep can be very illusive. I’ve been a bit of an insomniac ever since I was a little kid. It’s difficult to fall asleep, even harder to stay asleep, and then there’s the constant need to wake up and flip to the cool side of the pillow. There was even a period of about three or four years when it was a rarity for me to sleep more than four or five hours per night.

Last week, one of my readers sent me an email concerning an informative infographic that she’d made by teaming up with, an online retail for office supplies, business products, and related services. The infographic was titled “How Sleep (and Lack of It) Affects Performance on the Job,” which I thought was a really interesting because it addresses one could be the most dire consequences of not being able to sleep: The effect that it can have on your career.

As such, I have decided to share the infographic with my readers as I feel it offers some very useful information. Check it out, share with your friends, and feel free to comment below with your thoughts or views on the effect lack of sleep can have on your career and job performance.

How Sleep (and Lack of it) Affects Performance on the Job

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