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Leon James and Willa Mae Rickar

Frankie Manning and the Lindy Hop: Today’s Google Doodle

To commemorate his 102nd birthday, Frankie Manning is featured in today's Google Doodle. But who is Frankie Manning? And what's the Lindy Hop?
Unsolicited marketing email stock

Here’s the Thing About Unsolicited Marketing Email…

Is your marketing campaign actually hurting your business? Here's why sending unsolicited marketing email will cost rather than gain potential customers.
Insomnia counting sheep

How Sleep (and Lack of It) Can Affect Your Job Performance

This helpful infographic from explains how lack of sleep can effect job performance and how that lost productivity affects our employers.
Marriage Equality now a Civil Right

U.S. Supreme Court ruling: Same-sex marriage legal nationwide

An official United States Supreme Court ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges has made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states.
Josh Duggar molestation

Josh Duggar apologizes for molesting little girls

The eldest Duggar child was accused of molesting little girls, which was confirmed in the form of a Facebook apology and copy of the police report.
Roger as Ricky Spanish

Roger the Alien’s 5 Best Personas

To show my fondness for this charmingly alcoholic, sexually ambiguous extraterrestrial, here are five of Roger the alien's best personas.
Planet Fitness

Why Planet Fitness is the Best Gym Ever

What makes Planet Fitness so awesome? Is it the cool name? Bagel Tuesdays? Unlimited personal training? I decided to figure it out.

No one knows exactly why we celebrate Valentine’s Day, but here are connections of varying significance: A Love Ode

It’s time to break out the scented candles, satin sheets, and edible undies, folks. Today is that one day a year that single people hate, when couples stare deeply into each others’ eyes for minutes on end, plan romantic surprises and eat chocolate off each other: It’s Valentine’s Day! I’ll be the first to admit that, even though I always take any opportunity to do special little things for my special little someone, Valentine’s Day has always struck me more as a ploy for candy and greeting card companies to get rich off our sentimentality and romanticism. How do we have a holiday centered around chocolate, flowers, and lingerie? In light of the occasion, I figured I’d give us all...

Dane wishes you a Happy Halloween

Today is October 31, which means it’s All Hallows’ Eve. Along with St. Patrick’s Day — because I’m super Irish if you couldn’t tell — Halloween is my favorite holiday. This post is going to be a couple of things. In light of the occasion, I figured I’d give a bit of a history of Halloween, just for funsies. Well, also to make this post somewhat interesting to those who aren’t really interested in hearing about my writing plans. And then I’m also going to give an update of my blog’s (soon to be website’s) recent overhaul and what I’ve got planned in the weeks and months to come. So what’s the deal with Halloween? I’m glad you asked. Halloween:...

National Novel Writing Month 2012

It’s about that time again! Right on the heels of Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes a month near and dear to my heart. It’s a month where writers young and old are challenged to dedicate as much of their November days toward completing a novel of 50,000 words or more. The purpose of this blog entry, aside from recognizing my recent neglect of Exercises in Tenacity, is to bring some attention to an event unknown to many outside a select community, as well as to encourage some first-timers to rise to the challenge! Admittedly, last year was my first year participating in National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo as the writing community so affectionately refers to it). I semi-cheated; I used a...
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