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There’s just something about a fresh Illustrator file…

When combined with an academic background in psychology and cultural studies, my love for graphic design is what allows me to wield it as a powerful branding and marketing tool.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a number of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small- and medium-sized business owners, helping them to build (or refine in some cases) a brand around their businesses.

Graphic design concept with Bonner Builders


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It’s Like Giving a Gift to Your Business

Here’s the truth: People are inherently visual creatures. That means ineffective branding will actually cost you customers.

And besides… a fresh brand package is a great way to remind your business that she’s your Queen.

Possible Deliverables

  • Logo design // packaged with variations for different use cases
  • Custom typefaces // ready to be installed on your machine
  • Color palette // a list of perfectly-coordinated hex codes become the foundation of your brand
  • Brochure // pre-formatted and ready for the printer
  • Letterhead // just copy and paste into a document or email

Rebranding Made Easy

Is Your Brand in Need of a Glow-Up?

When you’re getting that not-so-fresh feeling from your brand, then it could time for a complete branding overhaul.

(I promise it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds.)

Whether you’re looking for a glow-up or a full rebrand, I’ve got you covered. Just check out the glow-up I gave to SB & Son Contracting, LLC.

Want to learn more about the project for SB & Son Contracting, LLC?

Original | rebrand

Logos, icons, branding kits
Brochures, pamphlets, flyers, banners, promotional signage
Social media graphics, ads
Contracts, agreements, custom forms
Proposals, pitch decks, reports, presentations
Product packaging
App designs, mobile & desktop
Dashboards, user interfaces
Résumés, cover letters, portfolios
Merchandise, product mock-ups

Still not sure? Check out my graphic design portfolio.

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Ready to elevate your brand with eye-catching designs and effective marketing?

After a decade and countless successful projects, I have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Don’t wait to transform your business – let’s create something exceptional together.

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Dane O'Leary Media

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