Let’s collaborate

Do you have a product that you are really excited about? Have you started a new service and would like to spread the word? Are you looking for new ways to spotlight your business?

As a writer, I have the privilege of writing a wide variety of interesting content. One of the benefits of writing such a wide variety of content is getting to experience new things. In fact, I’ve made a career out of writing reviews of products, services, and brands. That’s why I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs and businesspeople from a number of different industries.

After getting some hands-on experience with innovative products and services, I can make recommendations to my readers. There are a couple key reasons why I like making recommendations: Not only do I enjoy trying new things, I like helping others make informed purchasing decisions. After all, who wants to jeopardize their time and money when someone else can do the legwork? My reviews provide perspective, which tells readers whether a given product is right for their individual needs.

That’s why I’m always excited to collaborate with entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, programmers, businesspeople, and other freelancers. Sponsoring content is a great way to spread the word about what your business or company has to offer. Perhaps you’re new to your respective industry and would like to make your digital debut. Or maybe you’re a mature company that’s in the process of rebranding. Whatever the case may be, I can bring awareness and visibility to your company.

So what, exactly, is sponsored content? It’s content that’s published as part of a collaboration between a writer (me) and a business professional (you). The content can be one of a number of things; it could be an in-depth review, a press release, an essay or op-ed, a how-to or tips-and-tricks article, a list-based article, testimonials, an infographic, or something else.

If you would like to inquire about sponsored content, contact me at