It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post any fresh content here on the ole website and I’ve got some new gadgets to talk about so I figured I’d take a minute to post a quick blog post with an update.

Last week, yours truly turned 28 years old. I had a really, really great birthday. I can’t remember the last time my birthday went so smoothly; no catastrophes or dramas, plus there were some unexpected surprises that were nice. In the aftermath, I managed to fell ever-so-slightly behind on my work, but I’ve been chipping away at it and have gotten everything mostly back under control.

I’m soooooo behind on my reviews. I’ve got a partially-completed review of Batman v Superman to post, a review of Captain America: Civil War, and I recently (re: finally) bought a Huawei Nexus 6P to review — it came in the mail on my birthday and I’ve been using it with Google’s Project Fi service ever since. Currently, the goal is to write reviews of both the Nexus 6P and of Project Fi, and I want to have them finished by next week because that will be when I’ll be receiving my next review device…

The OnePlus 3!

If you weren’t aware, today was the global launch of the OnePlus 3, the follow-up to last year’s OnePlus 2 (check out my OnePlus 2 review if you haven’t already) and 2014’s OnePlus One. Although there was an in-person launch in New York City, there was a virtual reality launch for anyone who owned an Android smartphone and a virtual reality headset. (I purchased a VR headset specifically for the launch.)

As far as the VR launch goes, it was a bit more kitschy than I’d anticipated, but I’ll save my comments about that for the actual phone review. But this time, the device is launching totally invite-free, so anyone wanting to buy the OnePlus 3 can simply head over to the OnePlus website and buy one. However, be aware that the OnePlus 3 — supposedly available in both gray (“Graphite”) and gold (“Soft Gold”) — can only be purchased in Graphite at the moment. Apparently, they’re waiting for inventory confirmation before they start selling the gold version. Whatever.

So that’s all I have for the moment. Stay turned for some reviews coming up. As always, feel free to comment with your thoughts below.

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