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busy as a bee

The Busiest Bee Might Get a New Hive

Aside from being so incredibly busy, I've had some news this week. New house, an impending move, a weekend trip, and of course, new content.
birthday cake

My 27th Birthday: Continued Progress and a New Year

After a year of hard working and making a ton of progress on my website and career, I've made it to my 27th birthday!
movie theater seats

Looking Ahead to a Summer of Blockbuster Hits

Summers are notorious for having lots of fantastic movies to go see. Here are some of the box office hits we can look forward to over the course of summer 2015 and into the fall season.
geometric mountains

The Geometry of Being

As people, we have all these different, unrelated things happening in our lives like disparate points on the coordinate plane and each day we connect the dots, moving from one point to another... the geometry of being.
DeLorean Back to the Future

Slipping, Slipping, Slipping Into the Future

It feels like Christmas and New Years were only a month or two ago, but now we're approaching the midpoint of the damn year. Where has the time gone?
hospital hallway

The Good, the Bad and the Sickly

It's been quite an interesting few weeks for me. Each day it seems like there's something else and it can being really trying.
Bad situation

Reason #52 Why I’m Bad Luck

Whoever said the Irish are lucky needs to have their head examined.
Running on treadmill

Sunshine and Sniffles

The transition to self-hosting on WordPress was tricky at first, but everything is now moving along smoothly and taking shape... if only I could shake this cold.
Moving boxes

The Great Spring Move of 2015

Less than a year after went live, I've transitioned to WordPress self-hosting and have bigger, better plans and things in store for the site.
create a website stock

The Future of

It’s been about six months since I took my old under-utilized, borderline-neglected Blogger blog and turned it into my website as the start of my writer’s platform. Since then, I’ve made an concerted effort to continue to write and publish quality content that will either provide value, engage, or interest readers. And while I do intend to continue with this plan, I believe it’s time to start taking my website to the next level. When I first began this journey, my intent was to mostly write book and movie reviews, science articles, technology news and reviews, writing tips and career guides, and then any other random commentary that piqued my interest. I’ve mostly been true to that plan, too. Some...
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