My coffee cup hath runneth over

Apparently this hasn’t been the time to amp up the output on my poor ‘ole website.

Right now, I currently have three posts that are in progress, which means that they’re either outlined or partially written and sit unpublished in draft mode. I started them and just haven’t had time to finish them.

I’d intended to write a review of 10 Cloverfield Lane (loved it!), but now too much time has passed that I’m worried I won’t remember everything I’d wanted to say. I’ve got a Batman v Superman review pending (wait for it to hit Redbox) that I think is going to be next on my list to finish, but since it’s been like a week since I’ve posted anything, I figured I’d throw up a quick blog post to keep my website from getting stale.

In other news, I’m not sure if I’ve shared this before but Michael and I got our new furniture, so that’s been super excited. Although it ended up being a major pain in the rear, we actually got all the pieces we’d originally wanted, so I’d certainly call it a success. We didn’t get a coffee table or cocktail table or whatever you want to call it, because we couldn’t seem to agree on one. Michael has surprisingly been leaning toward more traditional and rustic pieces — kind of like French country with hints of industrial thrown in — while I like clean, sleek lines, wood that’s not super distressed, and industrial metal. So since we couldn’t find anything that we both liked, we’ve decided to make a coffee table.

Those of you who know me personally know I’m not handy whatsoever. I’ve never before in my life worked with tools and wood or built anything (unless that little, ugly bench in seventh-grade shop class counts) so it’s definitely going to be a learning experience, but we’ve decided this is the only way to get something we both love. The idea is actually to make a concrete top, put it on wooden legs or some type of wooden base, maybe with some metal thrown in somewhere, and do an acid wash/stain on the concrete to make it absolutely awesome.

Concrete table
Photo courtesy of D.I.Y with Pete

Something like this, but not quite as rustic. The color we’re doing is going to be similar, but we want ours to look a bit more polished, and we’ll probably have a cooler base. Oh, and ours is going to be round instead of square.

But I’m just in love with this idea. The colors and designs that come out of this acid staining technique are absolutely stunning.

Acid stained concrete
Photo courtesy of Table Mountain Creative

Anyway, that’s about all I have to share at the moment. Gotta get back to work, so until next time: Stay classy.

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