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pile of smartphones

It’s about that time

It's been quite a while since my last update, but I have quite a few things to share.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Election Results 2016, and less depressing news

At last, the 2016 Presidential Election is over... and surely we're not all happy. Also, upcoming tech reviews, new Google hardware, and Doctor Strange.

Amusement, Anticipation & Authority

In today's blog post, we have a lot of info to catch up on... a recent trip, some exciting new releases, and a new job that means big things for me.
28th birthday Nexus 6P

Twenty-eight years and two new gadgets

It's about time for a blog update: The OnePlus 3 finally launched in VR today, I've got my hands on the Huawei Nexus 6P, and tons of reviews are coming.
man angry at computer

Tales of the heavy-headed millennial

Looking around at all the people who want to be writers just for the notoriety makes me one heavy-headed millennial. Here's how to be a real writer...
wait here stock photo

Good things come to those who wait

They say good things come to those who wait and I'm starting to agree. This week I have some big news to share and am gushing about a certain movie...
Acid stained concrete

My coffee cup hath runneth over

It's been so busy lately, but there are reviews in the works and an upcoming furniture-building project to prepare for. Intrigued?
Drowning in papers

Roll up those sleeves and get to work

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind... website improvements, new furniture ordered, tons of work, and now I'm taking my career to the next level.

An Engine of Innovation and Inspiration

It's been an eventful week... rock icon David Bowie has died at the age of 69.
2015 to 2016

Why I’m Really Looking Forward to 2016

With Christmas now in the rearview mirror, it's time to look ahead to the new year. Here are some of the things coming in 2016 for which I'm very excited.
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